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Criminal Investigations

All Access Criminal investigators are experts at gathering and interpreting clues and evidence. Our team will help track down and prosecute criminals but can sometimes conclude whether a criminal act has even taken place at all.

When a crime has occurred, our inspectors will evaluate the backgrounds of the accused, witnesses, and anyone involved in the case to see what kinds of connections can be assembled to better allow law enforcement to begin their investigation.

How Do Criminal Investigations Work?

There are two stages to look at when starting a criminal investigation. The first stage is most common that a private investigator would be involved. This is the investigative stage; wherein private investigators will establish that a crime has actually occurred, gather evidence, decide who should be arrested, and build a position against that person. Once this information is ready to be presented to local authorities, we can move on to stage #2.

The second stage is actually taking the suspect into custody once local authorities have thoroughly reviewed the case. Generally, local authorities will be the ones who make the actual arrest. If a Private Investigator is involved in this stage, it would be to track down and help arrest a fleeing felony.

Defending the Innocent

At times, our P.I.'s may be called upon for the opposite side of a case—to identify evidence that may or may not exonerate an accused person. In a lot of cases, the defense attorneys or the defendant themselves will hire a Private Investigator to gather evidence to help the defendant proof o his innocence. In many cases, the evidence P.I.'s present in court can be crucial to defending the wrongly accused.

Private Detectives and Criminal Investigations

At All Access Investigations are Private investigators are experts at identifying the elements of the law and working collaboratively with law enforcement or with prospective attorneys. Our team will help to support local law enforcement, which is overburdened and underfunded. Are P.I.'s are very diligent, working a single case while law enforcement could have 10 cases they are working on at the same time. Local police agencies are bound by city jurisdictions, whereas a Private Investigator can travel and cross state lines as needed.

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