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All Access Investigations is a proven leader in this field, having conducted over 50,000 family law/ and child custody investigations, including many celebrity and high-profile cases. Law firms and individuals trust our team to achieve professional, thorough, and discreet studies involving divorce, child custody, and other family law issues. Our services include:

Surveillance: Our investigators are professionally trained to identify, discover and document evidence of infidelity, child neglect, abuse or endangerment, and any other activities relevant to family law cases. We maximize investigation opportunities and work collaboratively with your attorneys to be prepared for court.

Asset and Financial Inquiries: All Access Investigations is experienced in finding evidence of hidden assets or funds, suspicious expenditures, and other financial information that may be important to a case, particularly within the personal property division.

Common-law or informal marriages: Certain criteria are required to decide these cases. We have conducted numerous investigations to prove or disprove the legal existence of these types of marriages.

Computer and Mobile forensics: Personal computers and other electronic devices may yield valuable information, but it is essential to have lawful access to these devices. We specialize in keeping up with the latest technology and knowing how to recover electronic information.

Expert Testimony: Our team of investigators provides expert, professional testimony regarding the evidence they have gathered. Attorneys know they can rely upon us to conduct comprehensive, ethical investigations that stand up in court.

Document! Document! Document! It is vitally essential to document – and to do so early on. Our investigators excel at compiling a wide variety of detailed information, behavior, and activities that prove a pattern of action by an opposing party, which may dramatically affect a family law case.

We have the expertise and sensitivity training to handle all types of family law cases. For more information on family law investigations, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Call Today 940.594.5897 Cell.